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In August 2021, the St. Anthony - New Brighton (SANB) School Board adopted a board goal to engage in an equity review and audit. The goal would align with our mission statement, which is to educate, prepare, and inspire a community of lifelong learners in our small, caring environment. To fulfill this mission, the school board devoted their time to having a divergent and thoughtful conversation about its values as it pertains to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Through this robust discussion, the SANB school board adopted the following resolution supporting the board’s efforts on its mission and values. 

[Presented to Board April 19, 2022, edited at the May 12th, 2022 Board Professional Development Meeting, & adopted at the June 7, 2022 Regular Meeting]



WHEREAS, we ground our work in audacious love for the children of our district and community while aspiring to be in community as a body loyal to all of our learners, staff members, and families, fairly and with care;

WHEREAS, as a non-partisan School Board of the Independent School District No. 282, St. Anthony-New Brighton Schools strives to advance the district’s vision of success of all learners; engaging, inspiring, and supporting through innovation and collaboration;

WHEREAS, children cannot learn without supportive community, so while we may not understand every experience they are having, we believe them and love them as they are;

WHEREAS, we are responsible for fostering equitable learning environments and actively opposing and removing racism within our school system where all students, staff members, and families are respected and valued for who they are regardless of skin color, race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, culture, religion, creed, national origin, ethnicity, ability or disability, immigration status, or any other category;

WHEREAS, our district is committed to promoting racial equity and developing culturally relevant learning environments within and across our schools, in conversation and partnership with students, families, staff, and community stakeholders;

WHEREAS, we recognize that the experiences and outcomes in our district are not consistent for historically underserved and marginalized groups, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color; those experiencing poverty, homelessness, or foster/kinship care; students who identify as LGBTQIA+; those with disabilities, visible and invisible; students receiving special education instruction; and immigrant and emergent bilingual students; and

WHEREAS, the School Board and the Administration are committed to removing obstacles that may contribute to systemic inequities.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the St. Anthony-New Brighton School Board:

  1. Commits to its own work as individuals and our collective work overseeing the district in continuing to become equitable and actively opposing and removing racism within our school system policies, beliefs, and actions;

    1. Policy 212 School Board Member Development

  2. Commits to setting an example for nuanced, respectful and courageous conversations and viewpoint diversity grounded in our belief that the children, staff members, and families in our district deserve our best;

  3. Commits to fostering a school environment that promotes respect for and curiosity about all cultures, affirms the equal humanity of all members of the community;

    1. Success Metrics

    2. Policy 102 Equal Education Opportunity

  4. Condemns all forms of bullying and discrimination;

    1. Policy 413 Harassment and Violence

    2. Policy 514 Bullying Prohibition 

    3. Policy 521 Student Disability Nondiscrimination

  5. Condemns all manifestations and expressions of racism, discrimination, and ethnic or racial intolerance;

    1. Policy 102 Equal Education Opportunity

  6. Condemns hate speech directed at individuals because of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression;

    1. Policy 102 Equal Education Opportunity

    2. Policy 522 Nondiscrimination of Students Based on Gender (Title IX)

  7. Commits to working together to institute School Board goals, policies, and educational opportunities that reflect the values expressed in this resolution;

    1. Policy 104 School District Vision/Mission Statement and Operational Goals

    2. Policy 208 Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies

  8. Commits to continue the Equity Review process, including reviewing policies, practices, and learning environments through an equity lens;

  9. Authorizes and directs the Superintendent to develop and implement a systemic protocol for responding to racial and/or biased harm; and

  10. Commits to ensuring each student has access to appropriate learning opportunities that honor their educational needs while also promoting a sense of belonging.

    1. Success Metrics

This resolution will be made available on the school board webpage. For questions on the School Board’s work surrounding the resolution, please contact Board Chair Laura Oksnevad