We understand when appointments, vacations and other situations arise, families will need to report the attendance of their student(s).

Find your school and follow the instructions found on this page to report your student(s) attendance. 

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St. Anthony Middle School 



  • Absence/Tardy:  If your student is going to be absent from or late for school, please email or call 612-706-1034 and leave a message on the attendance line with your students name, grade, and reason for the absence or tardy.
  • Early Pick Up:  If your student is going to be picked up early for any reason, please notify the attendance office,  email or call 612-706-1034 and leave a message, with as much advanced notice as possible. Your student will be given a pass to meet their parent/guardian outside of Door #2 (MS entrance) at the time requested by parent/guardian.  Parents/Guardians do not need to come into the building to sign their student out.
  • Late Drop Off:  If your student arrives after 8am they must check in at Door #1 (HS entrance) at the welcome desk where they will get a building pass to bring down to the SAMS office.  Parent/Guardians do not need to come into the building with their student.
  • Special Absence or Vacation greater than 3 days:  If your student will be absent more than 3 days, please email the attendance office with the details of the absence.  Your student will be given a special absence form with the dates of their absence to bring around to their teachers.  Teachers will indicate if there is any work they would like your student to do while they are away from school.  Once all teachers have signed the form your student will return it to the Attendance Office where a copy will be made and the excused absence entered into Skyward.  There is no need to email each teacher individually.

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